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My Approach

You cannot change your past, but you can change your attitude. Learning to accept past experiences will release the energy from previous conflicts, to use in creating a new life for yourself. The suffering of the soul causes bodily suffering. Your history, misfortunes and distress, all leave impressions in your flesh and manifest as aches and pains and other physical ailments. In order to free yourself of any suffering, it is necessary to re-connect with your body, and allow it to express itself.

My therapeutic approach incorporates various psychotherapy techniques which include Psycho Organic Analysis, a method which connects the body and the spirit. The body approaches of psychotherapy make it possible to work on repairing the turbulent relations of your past, in order to regain a positive outlook for your future.

On the initial visit, I will ask questions about the nature of the problem that brings you in, whether it involves symptoms of emotional distress or relationship or family problems. In addition, I will be asking some general questions about your life situation, your family structure and your past. It is not possible to understand a person just by focusing on the presenting problem. It is also necessary to have some general knowledge to establish a framework within which to understand a person's life and issues.

During therapy, I give special attention to the expression of the unconscious; the sense that you want to give to your life; the integrations you seek to achieve and want to realize about your personal and social reality. The more you are able or willing to reveal to me about your concerns, feelings and experience, the more I will be able to understand them and offer some effective help.

You will be encouraged to express yourself verbally, emotionally, and bodily in a safe environment, with my optimum support and unconditional compassion as your therapist. The human being does not summarize itself with thoughts; but by the union of the thoughts, the emotions, and the body. It is necessary to connect all of these parts in order to create balance and harmony throughout the whole of the body.

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