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Psychotherapy in Montreal with Pychotherapist Karine Peel who provides psychotherapy to Montreal and Westmount French and English speaking adults who are seeking psychotherapy to address a variety of challenges.  
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Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy - Montreal

Marriage & Couples Counseling with Psychotherapist Karine Peel Karine Peel helps couples to improve their relationship by helping them to better recognize and resolve conflicts. Through couples therapy or marriage counseling, partners learn what is causing them to drift apart and how to use new tools to get their relationship back on track.

As a licensed psychotherapist, Karine helps couples to improve their communication, avoid unnecessary conflicts, and build a more positive and respectful relationship. She provides couples therapy to address a number of concerns, which include:

Communication Issues
Intimacy and Trust
Commitment Issues
Low Sexual Desire
Parenting/Blended Families
Controlling Partner
Relationship Transitions
Boundary Issues
Moodiness, Irritability
Self Esteem Issues
Personality Differences

Any one of the above can contribute to struggles in a marriage, and for many couples, can appear difficult or impossible to fix. The good news is that marriage counseling or couples counseling can help identify the conflict issues and provide you with the tools to bring about a healthier relationship.

Through marital counseling and couples therapy, Karine awakens the awareness of partners to recognize their specific issues stemming from the past and to take responsibility for them. Couples learn to have greater confidence in themselves and each other while becoming more proactive in their relationship.

As an empathetic and skilled clinician, Karine can help you to understand the meaning behind difficulties you and your partner face and work with you to discover a plan that will help you to communicate, problem solve and even argue in a healthier way. Using various psychotherapy techniques, Karine addresses and corrects the root of marriage problems and empowers you to build a relationship you will be proud of.

Karine’s Approach to Couples & Marriage Counseling

I help my clients develop their communication skills in order to create dialogue with their partner.

Dialogue is possible only when both partners can express themselves freely and are able to hear their partner without judgment.

In a situation where a true dialogue occurs, both partners are able to trust each other to a greater extent. When this is possible, couples enjoy each others company more while at the same time learning from each other, and this is what makes their relationship unique and valuable. Within this atmosphere each partner learns to respect and value his/her counterpart to a greater degree.

How Marriage & Couples Therapy Works

In most cases, Karine meets with a couple during the first session together at which time they discuss areas of concern. During this first session Karine provides some feedback and guidance on how the next steps of how couples therapy should proceed.

If your partner is uncomfortable coming to couples therapy, or if you have specific concerns you wish to address privately, Karine will meet with you alone, confidentially. Working with one partner is sometimes more beneficial, as behavioral, and other changes can occur more naturally and quicker.

Couples therapy does not need to be a long, drawn out process. Karine has helped couples turn their relationships around after just a few sessions.

To get you started on a new direction, call Karine today for a confidential appointment.

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