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Psychotherapy in Westmount Quebec is provided by Psychotherapist Karine Peel.  Karine is skilled in areas of Psychotherapy and Psycho-Organic Analysis (POA) or Body-Oriented Psychotherapy
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Psychotherapy - Westmount Quebec

What is Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy involves a range of techniques which are designed to improve the overall well-being of a client or patient, reducing or eliminating bothersome feelings or behaviours, and improving relationships. A trained professional interacts with their client, helping the client to better understand themself and their own life story. The new vision the client perceives will initiate change in their thoughts, feelings, and behavior; allowing them to overcome stress, emotional problems, relationship difficulties or troublesome habits.

Most forms of psychotherapy use only spoken conversation, though some use various other forms of communication such as writing, art or touch. All are used to to discover underlying problems, develop constructive solutions, and find the strength inside the client to achieve their goal. Clients are encouraged to live life to the fullest, to realize their ambitions, to find their place in the world.

Psycho-Organic Analysis (POA)
Psycho-Organic Analysis, also known as Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, is a branch of psychotherapy with roots in the Freudian work. It addresses itself to the body, mind and emotions, and emphasizes the relationship between them. Psycho-Organic Analysis has been developed since the early 1970s as a blend of psychoanalysis and body psychotherapy. The originator Paul C. Boyesen based this approach to psychotherapy on the work of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich, as far as Reich understood the significance of the body for psychotherapy.

Psycho-Organic Analysts give attention to the expression of the unconscious; to the sense that you want to give to your life, to the integrations you seek to achieve and want to realize your personal and social reality. It is fundamental to meet these choices with absolute respect.

This method of treatment links the body, mind and spirit. The body reflects a person's current state and previous life history. In good health, the mind and body function in a relatively integrated manner. When this is happening breathing, movement, mood, speech and sense of wellness are harmonious. When we feel ill at ease with any one aspect, it affects the whole of us.

Outwardly there can be success - perhaps there is a secure, well paid job, a family and a pleasant home, but the individual has persistent headaches, or feels constantly tired in the absence of illness, is bored, or feels that something indefinable is missing. These experiences manifest as aches and pains, tight or slack muscle, shallow breathing, inability to relax and sleep, low or high arousal levels, feeling hot or cold, disturbed thinking, inability to concentrate or make decisions, and lack of vitality.

When these symptoms continue for a long time they develop into fixed states, illness and general malaise become normal. Most of us barely know what it could feel like to be really well and certainly have little idea of how to go about feeling more alive. Every trauma, shock, difficulty in life, every unexpressed joy is embodied. Good resolutions and will power have only minimal impact on the body. Mental insight is often not enough. All of your body and mind needs to be involved to reconnect your thinking and feeling.

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy is a compassionate form of psychotherapy in which you will be encouraged to get to know yourself in your own time and way. The session may involve anything from movement, art, imagery, physical exercise or a combination of these. Whatever your issues, problems, concerns, the therapist will strive to address these on all levels of your being, body, emotion, mind and spirit, recognizing that many psychological problems have connections in the body.

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